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Scared of Getting a Cavity Filling? Ease Your Mind! Here is What to Expect

Tooth Filling Process in Boston MA Area

The composite filling treatment can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. There are many questions you may have—how long does it take? Is the procedure painful? In fact, what is composite?

The more you understand about cavity filling procedure, the more you will have nothing to worry about. At Anjum A. Ansari D.M.D., we always want to put our patients at ease by availing as much information as possible. Here is what you need to know about composite fillings.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Our dental clinic no longer uses amalgam fillings to treat dental cavities. We use tooth-colored (composite) fillings to repair your cavities without compromising the natural esthetics of your smile. Instead of metals, composite fillings consist of acrylic plastic and glass fillers. These materials are toxin-free and mimic the translucency of your teeth for a natural-looking smile.

What to Expect During Composite Filling Treatment

Scheduled for a dental filling? Don’t know what to expect? Here is a little hint—it’s a piece of cake! This is what to expect from the cavity filling treatment:

  • Initial examination: We may visually detect cavities or use dental X-ray images to spot cavities in your smile. After spotting your cavity, the next step is establishing whether it can be treated with a dental filling. If the cavity is extensive, you may need a crown; otherwise, small cavities are easily treatable with a cavity filling.
  • Tooth preparation: To ensure no pain is felt, we numb your mouth and then drill out the decayed part. Next, we clean out the tooth to eliminate any harmful bacteria.
  • Applying the filling: Once your tooth is clean and dry, we apply an adhesive gel to create a rough surface for the filling material. Then, we apply composite resin to the tooth to fill the drilled-out part. The dentist then uses a curing light to harden the composite material.
  • The finishing touches: After your filling is seated in place, we smooth any edges and make further adjustments until your bite feels normal. Finally, we polish it for a natural look.
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If you have a cavity, brushing won’t solve the issue. It would be best if you had cavity treatment from Anjum A. Ansari D.M.D. to protect your tooth from further damage. If you are in Boston, Massachusetts, please dial (617) 581-0689 to book an appointment today!

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