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Tooth-colored fillings in Boston MA blend in with the rest of your smile

Tooth-Colored Fillings at Anjum A Ansari DMD General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Boston MA Area

A natural and healthy tooth is white. The tooth material doesn’t irritate the gums. Over time, the natural tooth doesn’t produce dark discoloration at the gumline. The tooth withstands the forces placed on it from grinding down food and other functions. Natural teeth don’t erode health; rather, they sustain wellness by supporting proper chewing function and digestion. Tooth-colored fillings in Boston, MA at Anjum A. Ansari, D.M.D. General & Cosmetic Dentistry check off all of these “boxes,” which represent characteristics of healthy natural teeth.

Composite resin: Replicating more than natural tooth color

When small holes or cavities erode the structure of your tooth, Dr. Ansari will recommend fillings to quite literally “fill in” the hole and restore the appearance and function of the tooth. Composite resin is a type of dental material made from a mix of plastic and powdered glass. The resin is perfectly color-matched to your surrounding teeth. Additionally, this resin/glass mixture creates a beautiful luminescence that mimics how light reflects off of the surface of a natural tooth.

Dental composites are also biocompatible materials. They are compatible with surrounding natural tissues. So, this type of filling is appropriate for patients with sensitivities or allergies. Patients also have peace of mind that the treated tooth won’t irritate the gums or neighboring teeth. As gums recede and enamel thins over time, there is no fear that the lovely appearance of the resin will change to reveal underlying metals or darker tooth materials. Composite resin fillings are completely metal-free.

With good oral hygiene and routine visits to Dr. Ansari, your filled tooth will last. Once decayed tissue or bacteria is removed, the prepared composite is placed directly inside of the cavity. The resin is applied in very thin layers. Each layer is hardened with a specialized curing light. This technique strengthens the tooth. Dental composites also preserve maximum natural tooth structure. The less that a tooth is altered, generally the greater the tooth’s durability.

Patients also appreciate the:

  • Convenience – cavities may be treated in a single visit
  • Comfort – the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic
  • Effectiveness – Once treated, the progressive “march” of dental decay from the outside to the inside of your tooth is halted.
  • Versatility – Composite resin is the same material that may be used for cosmetic bonding to affordably and quickly cover up gaps, chips, and other imperfections.

Treatment of tooth decay can’t wait. What starts as a small cavity can quickly progress to larger cavities that require crowns, or to infections that require root canal therapy or even extraction to resolve pain and restore oral health. Call (617) 581-0689 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ansari at the West End, Boston office.

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Anjum A. Ansari, D.M.D.

Anjum A. Ansari, D.M.D. is a committed and skilled professional with over two decades of dentistry experience in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She is dedicated to helping patients maintain a healthy life by practicing good dental hygiene and protecting their teeth. The latest technology, modern equipment and advance up to date techniques are used in her treatments to provide the most effective results for patients. Due to her expertise and skills, she holds membership in prestigious dental associations such as the American Dental Association and Massachusetts dental association. She prides herself on taking three times the required continuing dental education to hone her skills. Providing the best care in the most comfortable environment is paramount to everyone who works here.

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