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Tooth Extractions Boston, MA

At the office of Anjum A. Ansari DMD, in Boston, MA, one of our biggest priorities is helping our patients preserve their natural teeth. However, despite our best efforts, traumatic injury, deep decay, or other issues can end up requiring a tooth extraction. When this occurs, our team is well-equipped to provide effective, gentle extractions along with the appropriate restoration to re-establish oral health.

Reasons for tooth extractions

There are several situations that may arise where Dr. Ansari recommends a tooth extraction. They include:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Traumatic injury such as breaks or fractures
  • Prior to orthodontic treatment
  • Impacted teeth

In some cases, a severe tooth infection causing pain and damage to surrounding tissue may require an emergency extraction.

What to expect with tooth extractions

Before beginning a tooth extraction, we will use a local anesthetic to thoroughly numb the tooth, gums, and bone in the area where the tooth will be removed. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we can also discuss other options for sedation. Once the area is completely numb, we will use a special dental instrument to gently free the tooth from the socket. While you may feel some pressure, you should not feel any pain.

Following the extraction, you can expect to have some pain and swelling in the area. Ice packs can help reduce inflammation and over-the-counter pain medications can alleviate discomfort. In addition to your post-care instructions, we will also provide you with some symptoms you should look out for such as uncontrolled bleeding or pain that does not respond to medication.

After your tooth extraction

Unless your tooth was removed specifically for orthodontic treatment, you will need to look at options for replacing your missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth can negatively impact your oral health and can cause further complications down the road. We offer several different options for tooth replacement and will help you determine which is best for your unique situation.

At the office of Anjum A. Ansari DMD, in Boston, MA, we understand that no one wants to have a tooth extracted which is why we are committed to making the entire experience as comfortable as possible. If you have a tooth or teeth that you would like evaluated, please call (617) 581-0689.

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Anjum A. Ansari, D.M.D.

Anjum A. Ansari, D.M.D. is a committed and skilled professional with over two decades of dentistry experience in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She is dedicated to helping patients maintain a healthy life by practicing good dental hygiene and protecting their teeth. The latest technology, modern equipment and advance up to date techniques are used in her treatments to provide the most effective results for patients. Due to her expertise and skills, she holds membership in prestigious dental associations such as the American Dental Association and Massachusetts dental association. She prides herself on taking three times the required continuing dental education to hone her skills. Providing the best care in the most comfortable environment is paramount to everyone who works here.

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